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In the automotive world, the word Jaguar inspires many things : luxury, power, elegance, and British design. Our used Jaguar inventory contains exceptional quality. Our used Jaguars are so well maintained and the quality is so superior that it’s durability and performance will out do most new vehicles from other manufacturers. This British manufacturer has become legendary, and its current range of vehicles even has a sporty yet powerful touch to it. Regardless of the used Jaguar you find, it will bring you satisfaction. British design is becoming better known, with emphasis on luxury and elegance. This emphasis is showed in all our used Jaguar models you will find in our inventory.

Used Jaguar - Certification Program

Only the most outstanding, most reliable, most cosmetically pristine vehicles emerge from Jaguar´s 140-point inspection: an exhaustive sequence that includes critical survey of electrical, HVAC, undercarriage and drivetrain, thorough review of exterior, interior, luggage and engine spaces, and a comprehensive road test. Read more

Coming In Early Summer, 2013, Jaguar's New Sports Car The F-Type

Jaguar has announced that they will soon launch their new roadster, a car called the F-Type. It's lack of practicality only accentuates the attractiveness of the new F-Type, already considered to be the spiritual successor to the legendary E-Type. The result of this long gestation, which took more than ten years, is a two seater that completely captures the essence of the old E-Type, without falling victim to retro-kitsch. There are two lines that define the shape and cut of this car. The first, running from the nose, gets lost in the doors. The second defines the rear of the car. It sports horizontal headlights, with just a hint of the E-Type in the centre. The V6 is equipped with dual exhaust, while the V8 gets quad.

Jaguar C-X75 Finally Arrives

We have all heard about the newest set of wheels offered to James Bond, for the upcoming movie SPECTRE. Once again, it is an Aston Martin model, only this time it is one made specifically for the movie and will not be available for sale. Not to be outdone, the movie's villain in the next chapter of Ian Fleming's franchise will also drive a car that we can't get our hands on- the Jaguar C-X75. Jaguar has been teasing us with the C-X75 for years now. The concept was displayed in 2010 at the Paris Motor Show. It was a hybrid-electric, two-seater that produced an amazing 778 horsepower thanks to a collection of four electric motors, one driving each wheel. Powering these wheels were batteries that were recharged on the fly by two diesel micro gas turbines. These turbines could extend the car's range as far as 900 km. At the time it was considered game changing technology and well heeled Jag fans could not wait to get their hands on it. The following year, Jaguar announced plans to build 250 of the C-X75, priced at well over a million dollars in partnership with Formula One team Williams F1. Then Jaguar pulled the rug out from under the project, saying that due to the ongoing economic crisis, a million dollar plus car might not be such a good idea after all.

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2009 Jaguar XF

2009 Jaguar XF

The smell of leather, the interior’s opulence, the particular feeling which accompanies driving a vehicle enjoyed by the British monarchy, these sensations define Jaguar...

2007 Jaguar XKR

2007 Jaguar XKR

As automotive journalists, we have the opportunity and the pleasure to try out new vehicles every week. We approach them the same way whether it’s a $14,000...